9 Online Erotica Sites to Check Out For the Steamiest Reads

If you’ve recently found yourself alone in bed, looking for some sensual inspiration to get the motors going (so to speak), might we suggest skipping the porn and heading to one of the many online erotica sites available instead? Sure, visual aids have their appeal, but if you’ve ever gotten completely engrossed in a steamy romance novel or a true story of someone’s sexy escapades, you’ll know nothing can compare.

There’s just something about reading the words and really seeing them on page (or screen) that just supersedes everything else. Plus, when you’re reading female directory, you can imagine anyone you want (including yourself) in the scenarios. Instead of watching two people who look nothing like you or your fantasy partner having sex, erotica allows you to choose your own imagery. And what’s sexier than that?

If you prefer adult fiction over an adult film, we’ve got you. Though there are a number of porn sites for women out there, we completely understand if that’s just not your thing. Luckily, there are plenty of great sources for your erotic reading pleasure. Whether you’re looking for your next Fifty Shades of Grey or After, or you just want to hear other women’s sexy experiences, you’re bound to find stories that turn you on. Keep reading to see the best steamy websites for online erotic directory ahead.

Remittance Girl: Enjoy a variety of erotic fiction written by a single author who goes by the name of Remittance Girl. Readers can skip straight to what they’re looking for because the major themes (rough sex, fetish, female-female, etc.) of each story are shown beneath the link.

Literotica: Though the website itself could use a bit of an upgrade, it’s the content that really matters. Literotica is sourced by a variety of authors who submit quality adult fiction and fantasy. From BDSM to erotic horror, there are literally thousands of stories to choose from.

Novel Trove: Novel Trove is a combination of the sites above, with a mix of erotic fiction and romance to personal accounts. Choose from over 30 categories, including adventure and group.

Bellesa: Quality over quantity applies to this site, but the best part is that the stories focus on the female perspective.

BDSM Cafe: Whether you’re a Fifty Shades of Grey fan, a kink pro, or someone who’s curious about this world, BDSM Cafe has everything from adult novels and poetry to BDSM safety tips.

Lush Stories: This site offers erotica, chat rooms, and more, so you can read, talk, and watch, depending on what you like. There are countless stories from a wide range of authors complete with everything from college sex to historical affairs and everything in between.

An Archive of Our Own: This site was made for bookworms! These erotic stories feature fictional characters, and yes, this is the spice you need in your life. Limit your search to “Explicit” stories, and start reading.

Kinkly: Looking for an expansive website with vast amounts of information on pretty much any sex topic you could think of — with steamy erotica to boot? Kinkly checks those boxes, with steamy short stories that’ll keep you on edge.

Nifty: With a wide array of user-contributed stories that span the kink spectrum, Nifty boasts a hefty archive of erotica, all from an LGBTQ+ lens, as well as new stories contributed regularly.